The WB Debtcare Guide to Employee Rights

Retailers Maplin, Toys “R” Us (UK) and Betterware have entered into insolvency processes this year leaving thousands of jobs respectively at risk. In such uncertain times, what rights do affected employees have? Even if you are aware of your employer’s financial situation, it can still come as quite a shock if your employer tells you […]

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Are you in debt with your Council Tax?

This article will tell you what can happen if you have unpaid Council Tax. The most important thing you can do if you have got Council Tax debt is to get help. If you call WB Debtcare today on 0141 566 7038  you can start sorting out the problem. We provide support and assistance in […]

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Council Tax Debt Advice

More and more people are facing council tax debt, and as one of the fastest growing debt problems, it’s becoming a real issue. At WB Debtcare, we want to help you understand your options when it comes to council tax debt. Consequences of Not Paying Council Tax Council tax is considered as a “priority debt”, […]

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Hints and Tips to Avoid Debt

Facing debt can be scary, and getting out of debt can be a challenge, so here’s some hints and tips on how to avoid debt. At WB Debtcare we also offer credit card consolidation, to help you get out of debt. Set a Budget (and Stick to it) Setting a realistic budget is relatively easy […]

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Spring clean your finances with WB Debtcare

With Spring now upon us, having a “Spring clean” is on a lot of people’s minds, but this concept can apply to more than just your home – why not apply it to your finances? Giving your finances a spring clean isn’t as difficult or even as tedious at it may sound. Once you have a […]

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Don’t get caught out – create an emergency fund

Have you started an emergency fund? Many people have found themselves in financial dire straights. Whether it’s due to unexpected issues with the home, your vehicles or health related, life can trip you up now and then. Create an emergency fund Once you’ve recovered from this financial headache, it’s vital that you then create an […]

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