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Expert Impartial Debt Advice

WB Debtcare offers a range of financial solutions to individuals in financial distress. We provide free, non commitment, consultations to deal with debt in Scotland. The search for your debt expert is complete as our Debt Solutions are administered directly by us.

Every Client’s circumstances are unique, so we ensure that all debt solution options are explored carefully for each client, enabling an informed choice to be made on the best way forward.

We will recommend the most appropriate debt solution for you, there are many options available to deal with debt in Scotland and we can even get a wage arrestment removed.

We measure our success by ensuring client’s expectations are met – not just on entering a debt solution process, but also throughout and as importantly, on exiting the process.


Trust Deeds

A Trust Deed is a voluntary proposal put to creditors for the partial repayment of the debts due to the creditors. Once the Trust Deed had the creditors’ agreement it is known as “protected” Trust Deed and is supported by the Scottish insolvency legislation. As with a Sequestration, a Trust Deed involves the Trustee dealing with a client’s assets (including the home) – the implications will be fully explored at an initial consultation.

A Trust Deed is a formal arrangement between you and your creditors whereby you pay an affordable payment per month for 48 months* and at the end write off the debt you can’t afford to pay.

*A Trust Deed typically lasts for 48 months however depending on your circumstances this could be longer.

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Debt Arrangement Schemes

In circumstances where a client has the capability of repaying their creditors, but requires a longer period to do so and is finding it difficult to keep on top of additional interest and charges, an approved Debt Payment Programme may be a solution. Once approved under the scheme’s Scottish regulations, interest and charges on a client’s debts are frozen, and the debts are repaid over an agreed period by making single payments to a Payment Distributor. A Client’s assets are not included and are not taken into consideration as part of the process.

A Debt Arrangement Scheme is a Scottish Government debt repayment plan whereby you agree to make an affordable payment per month until your debts are repaid in full.

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This can be appropriate where a client is unable to repay their debts at a level acceptable to the creditors (or is unable to repay the debts at all). One of our in house Insolvency Practitioners can act as Trustee. Sequestration involves the Trustee dealing with a client’s assets (including the home) – the implications will be fully explored at an initial consultation.

Sequestration writes off the debts you can’t afford to pay. If you are in employment and can afford to make a payment per month then you will pay for 48 months. If you are unemployed or financially unable to make a monthly payment then no monthly payment is required.

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Our experienced advisors are happy to conduct assessments on the telephone, at a client’s home, or at any other suitable place. Or simply email or telephone us and ask a question. Tel: 0141 566 7038 or E-mail: