Council Tax Debt Advice

More and more people are facing council tax debt, and as one of the fastest growing debt problems, it’s becoming a real issue. At WB Debtcare, we want to help you understand your options when it comes to council tax debt.

Consequences of Not Paying Council Tax

Council tax is considered as a “priority debt”, this means that there are some very serious consequences for failing to pay your council tax. Local authorities have the legal power to collect any council tax you owe. They will often send out bailiffs (sheriff officers) to your property to try and collect your council tax.

If you are falling behind on your council tax, then you must contact your local council to try and make arrangements for your arrears.

When you are facing late payment of your council tax, it is crucial that you seek debt advice as soon as possible.

What Happens if You Miss a Council Tax Payment?

If you are more than 14 days late in paying your council tax you will receive a warning and you will be required to pay the instalment within 7 days. If you fail to pay your instalment within this period of time, you may be asked to pay the rest of your council tax for the year in one payment. Again, you will be given 7 days to pay the full amount, it can be extremely challenging to pay such a large instalment, which is why it is crucial to seek debt help immediately.

In Scotland, if you fail to meet these payments, you will be taken to court. This will incur further costs (10% of your outstanding fee will be added to your debts). Again, you will be given a strict period of time in which this must be paid (14 days).

Seeking Help for Council Tax Debt

When faced with council tax debt it is vital that you seek debt help and advice. The consequences of failing to pay council tax are significant, which is why it is crucial to seek a solution to your council tax debt.

If you are struggling to repay debt, then WB Debtcare could help you. There are a number of solutions available, depending on your situation. WB Debtcare can provide you with advice and talk you through your options to ensure we find the right solution for you. If you are interested in our debt management solutions or are looking for advice regarding your council tax debt, then get in touch today.