Debt Advice

The Problem with Payday Loans

Using a payday loan to get yourself out of debt is generally going to land you in more debt and you will fall into a cycle which is almost impossible to escape. At WB Debtcare, we want to help you understand the issues with payday loads and offer an alternative to getting out of debt. […]

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Credit Card Consolidation – What is it?

Credit cards allow you to spend money on credit, up to a preset limit. This limit can vary from several hundreds up to tens of thousands. Each month you must make a minimum payment or risk a penalty and possibly a negative impact on your credit rating. The best advice is to pay off the […]

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Thinking About Holiday Debt

The great thing about going on a sunny holiday is just being able to relax without worrying about anything at home. A week or two away from your troubles can make you feel like you never had them in the first place. But what about when you get home to a huge credit card bill? […]

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FCA Refuse PDHL Authorisation

Debt management firm PDHL has been refused authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) due to poor standards of debt advice and can no longer carry on regulated debt management activities. This comes after warnings from the FCA that all debt management firms with interim permission for operation must achieve a level of service that […]

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Are you looking for a better Debt Arrangement Scheme?

Debt Arrangement Schemes explained Signing up to a debt arrangement scheme will put a stop to worrying letters and phonecalls and also set you on the path to paying back what you owe and recovering from debt altogether at a manageable rate and without having to go bankrupt. This is one of the main advantages for […]

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